Thursday, June 12, 2014

What is Social networking? It is a platform, service or application where people comes together, connect to each other for a purpose. The purpose could be anything. Following are some of them: Share the status, share thoughts, share knowledge, share important events, etc. There are some public social sites: Facebook, Google plus, etc.  

When social site is purposefully made for the organizations then it is known as Enterprise Social Network, in short ESN. ESN has some additional properties which makes them different from public social networking. These are: ESN is private for organization and their customers. Unlike public social networking people can not join network directly. Only people from organisations can be part of ESN. Employees can connect each other and share knowledge, Information. It minimizes the time and ultimately  increases the speed of productivity and get work done smarter and faster. ESN introduces real time work in your organizations. 

Yammer is one of ESN. This is private social networking. It brings following enterprise entities at single place: Employees, Conversations, content, etc. Team members can stay connected easily. They can easily collaborate on information. One of the best thing about it is that Yammer integrates with other systems easily. Yammer is cloud share service so you don't need to worry about creating and managing the infrastructure. To get Yammer services you just need to buy any plan and then just start with it. We will see various plans in next blog. Yammer now have 28 languages for web.  

Now lets see various features provided by Yammer. Understanding these features is important to get start with Yammer. We will also see securities and various Roles and their responsibilities. Now lets start with what things users can do on yammer. 

Post update : Users can post their updates, what they are doing, any other information they can share with others. Users can attach files with post. 

Post Polls : Users can also post polls to get responses from others.  

Praise : Users can praise others to recognize their efforts, helps. 

Event Users can post events to share with others. User can give more information like what is planned, where it is planned and when. 

Announcement : Only group admin can make announcement and it is visible for all group members. 
Users can share above posts with All, some people, groups while posting.  

Various Activities on Post : In response to the post users can do following things: 

Like : Users can like the post whenever they find that post is useful and relevant.  
Reply Users can reply to the original post and can share there views. 
Share : Users can share post with others whenever it is helpful for others. 
Follow : Users can follow the post so that they can get any new update to that post. 
There are others actions which users can perform on post: Add topic to post, bookmark post and email the conversation. 

You can view the conversations in three categories: All - users can see all conversations, Top- with this category uses will see top posts, Following - with this category users can see posts from to whom they follow. 

Recent Activities : This is the section where users can see what is going on in network. Mostly who is doing what.  

Groups : This is a entity where people from same department, team comes together and start collaboration and communication. Groups can be private or public. Only those who have joined the group can see the posts in case of private group. We can upload  documents to group. We can write Notes and add links which are important to group. 

Notes : This entity is useful to save important information and then share with others member.  

Following : This section showthose people to whom user follows. 

Followers Ithis section user can see his/ her followers. 

Suggested Group In this section user can see relevant groups which user can join. 

Suggested People : In this section users can see those people to whom they can follow for any updates from them. 
With the help of suggestion users can grow their network. 

Organization Chart : This control displays organization hierarchy of the user. User can Manager, colleague and those who reports to user. 

External Network : This is similar to home network. The only thing is that external people generally customers and partners can join this.  

In this way we have covered most of the Yammer features.  


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