Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yammer embeds are self functional JavaScript widgets which displays specified feeds. They also give option to post update, reply to post, like to post, etc. This is simplest way with which you can integrate Yammer in your html based applications. In previous posts we saw how to use Yammer web part but it is tightly coupled with SharePoint. What if you want Yammer integration with application, java application? So in these cases you can opt Yammer embeds.

With the help of Yammer Embeds you can show following feeds on your application pages: My feed, user feed, group feed, Topic feed and commenting - OG object feed. Users need to login to Yammer to see the feed. New version works with SSO; will see it later.

Apart from feeds there are two Action buttons have been provided: Like and Follow. You can put those Action buttons on pages and can start social conversations; for example you can place it on blog page, on display page of list or library. The first user logged in with Yammer creates the OG (Open Graph) object in Yammer. We will see them in details in coming blogs.

To start with embed feeds you should know what is permalink, feed type, feed id.

Permalink: It is nothing but your network name with which you have crated network on Yammer. So let say if you created yammer network with name '' then permalink is . This is important parameter for embed feeds.

Feed id: This is nothing but the yammer id of User, Group, conversations, topics, etc.

Feed type: This depicts the type of feed it may be user , group, topic.

Difference between Yammer web part and Yammer Embed:

Sr. No.
Web Part
Embed Feeds
Only one web part can be placed on page.
Multiple embed code can be placed on page.
One time settings and can’t be changed on run time.
Settings can be changed.
Tightly coupled with SharePoint.
Not tightly coupled with SharePoint
File Link available
File Link option not available
Comment feed not available.
Comment feed is available.

Now lets see how to use them. I am going to explain Yammer embed uses through some scenarios. So all posts will have a specific scenario and accordingly the feed will be used. The posts will be like below:

1. Yammer - SharePoint Embed integration: How to start OG conversations on documents in document library?

2. Yammer - SharePoint Embed integration: How to start OG conversations/commenting on Blogs ?

3. Yammer - SharePoint Embed integration: How to display multiple groups feed on page?

4. Yammer - SharePoint Embed integration: How to display multiple Users feed on a page?

5. Yammer - SharePoint Embed integration: How to display My Feeds?

So prepare for another great journey with yammer embed integration.


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